In-Home Speech Therapy

Common illnesses and injuries such as dementia, laryngeal and oral cancers, stroke, brain injuries, and the use of trachs and ventilators often result in the need for speech therapy. Serenity Home Health provides in-home speech therapy services that are designed to help with swallowing, breathing, speech and lung functionality. We help patients across Greater Wichita and South Central Kansas recover, sustain, or improve their speech and language skills and ability.

speech therapy - In-Home Speech Therapy Services - Serenity Home Health

Our speech therapists at Serenity Home Health work with patients one-on-one in order to create a coherent and comprehensive plan that ensures the best possible outcome.

How Can Speech Therapy Help? What Kind of Conditions May Require In-Home Speech Therapy?

Patients may experience difficulty with muscle weakness in their mouth (dysarthria), inability to form words (apraxia), or inability to understand or express words and thoughts (aphasia). Patients that suffer from these conditions need personalized therapy that helps to strengthen their oral musculature, improves their speech sounds and helps to retrain their brain to interpret languages like they used to.

Speech therapy can help to improve many different types of communication, comprehension, cognitive and swallowing disorders such as dysphagia.

senior speech therapy - In-Home Speech Therapy Services - Serenity Home Health
speech therapy - In-Home Speech Therapy Services - Serenity Home Health

Benefits of In-Home Speech Therapy

At-home speech therapy services provide extra comfort to patients, is more convenient, and allows the patient to receive personalized care that is suitable for their needs.

In-home speech therapy provides a long list of benefits for patients:

Thanks to the ease and accessibility of in-home therapy. There are fewer challenges involved in transportation. Patients can recover in the comfort of home, surrounded by their support network.
One-on-one care
One-on-one care allows the therapist to offer personalized care. Patients can expect to have their therapist’s undivided attention at all times. Patients and loved ones are free to ask questions, raise concerns, and decide on therapy options.
Adoptable routines
Adoptable routines due to avoiding the reliance on equipment and tools that are only available in an outpatient setting. This means patients and their families can learn routines to help them recover quickly in a comfortable setting.
Increased comfort
Increased comfort because the patient can get to know their therapist in a relaxed and familiar setting instead of a clinical environment.

Our Health Mission

At Serenity Home Health, we focus on becoming a source of comfort and education for all patients we serve. We strive for excellence and to transform our patients’ lives with comfortable in-home speech therapy services that can change their lives and help them get back to their daily lives.

  • We strive to provide cost-effective care that exceeds the accepted standards of our industry
  • We work with patients one-on-one and with their families to attain and maintain the highest level of independent functioning possible
  • We assist the patient and their family in the decision-making process and provide them with outside referrals when needed
  • We focus on improving a patient’s quality of life
in home speech therapy - In-Home Speech Therapy Services - Serenity Home Health

Our team is focused on providing an exceptional level of support through our in-home therapy services. We care, not just for the patient, but also for their family. No matter who is involved, we make the process comfortable for everyone. Our team is dedicated to excellence and through our experience and communicative skills, we aim to provide quality care from the first day.

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