In-Home Physical Therapy

Physical therapy increases confidence, physical mobility and strength in the patients we serve. This care can be of great benefit no matter what type of therapy is required or what the underlying concerns may be, from post-operative therapy to restorative care for the elderly patient. While the specific goals of in-home physical therapy are as individual as the patient, the overall goal is to improve quality of life, regain prior levels of functioning, and promote independence.

At Serenity Home Health, our physical therapy team is committed to providing only the best in-home physical therapy for patients. Our friendly team of physical therapists has been serving Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding area for more than 15 years, and are recognized locally and nationally for our patient-centered and outcome-oriented approach.

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What Does In-Home Physical Therapy Involve?

Our physical therapists aim is to improve the quality of life and independence of all patients by restoring range of motion, reducing pain, and building strength. Common treatments in our at-home physical therapy plan include individualized therapy plans, strengthening exercises, proper use of assistive devices, kinesiology and a range of specialized therapy modalities.

Who Should Receive At Home Physical Therapy?

Our home therapists can provide assistance for patients who need it, including but not limited to patients that:

  • Need to regain mobility following a hip or knee or other joint replacement
  • Have arthritis, osteoporosis or other degenerative disease
  • Have experienced a fall or are otherwise experiencing a balance disorder
  • Have dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease, or related conditions
  • Have suffered any setbacks that are affecting mobility
  • Are suffering from Lymphedema and other swelling-related issues
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Contact us today so we can discuss which physical therapy services are best for you or your loved one.

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Why Is At Home Physical Therapy a Good Model For Care?

We put the comfort and wellbeing of our clients at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we firmly believe that in-home physical therapy is the best way to help individuals feel comfortable and relaxed during a stressful time for them and their families.

Some of the benefits of home health physical therapy include:

Increased Confidence and Independence
Working with individuals in their own homes can provide clients with much-needed confidence and independence. This is particularly important in patients with dementia, as traveling for physical therapy can often be impractical, disorientating and stressful. We also want to keep patients in their own home for as long as is safely possible, allowing them the option of aging in place.
Individual Care
At home physical therapy offers a personalized treatment program. It ensures that the therapist can work with the patient’s own primary care physician to treat the individual in their own surroundings, following a physician-guided plan to regain and retain the ability to remain in their home safely.
In home therapy is a free benefit for Medicare beneficiaries, which reduces the financial stresses associated with the costs and limitations of Physical Therapy in an outpatient setting. In-home physical therapy is a cost-effective option compared to other settings and ensures that patients receive a high level of care without the typical transportation efforts and costs associated with leaving the home to receive care. Almost without exception, there are no out-of-pocket costs for patients that qualify under their Medicare Benefit.
Our personable and friendly care teams are hand-picked to be “good guests” in a patient’s home. We recognize that patients and families must not only have confidence in our clinicians technical abilities, but come to view our team as trusted allies in their recovery. We know that the best outcomes are achieved when a level of trust is built quickly. Our Therapy Teams take pride in building these relationships so that patients and families are comfortable and receptive to improving and completing their course of treatment. This level of trust and confidence is important to the bigger picture objective—your satisfaction in the end result.
Family support and involvement
Our in-home physical therapy care plans are designed to factor in family support. This is why we aim to educate and improve the knowledge of both patients and their support network.

How Can Family Members Keep Their Loved Ones Safe?

Serenity Home Health can help you to keep your loved one’s home safe and reduce the risk of falls or injury in the home. Our at-home physical therapy services identify potential fire, safety, or fall hazards in a specialized consultation with patients and their loved ones to ensure that their home is safe and secure. We also put education and knowledge at the forefront of our care.

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We will work with patients and their friends or family members to maintain independence and health for longer.

How Can Serenity Home Health Help?

We put comfort and care at the forefront of our physical therapy and will do our utmost to improve our patients’ quality of life. Consider us your support network as we are committed to providing the best possible care in the safest possible environment, the patient’s home.. Our Nationally Recognized programs promote and restore mobility in our patients, driven by an individually tailored, physician-approved Plan of Care designed to empower the patient by restoring confidence and mobility. These improvements result in an improved sense of well-being for their families, friends and loved ones.

We’re not just here for our patients, but for their support network too. Consider us your partner in in-home physical therapy. Call us today and let us put the pieces in place to get back on the road to recovery. Our clinicians are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Call (316) 866-2929 or send us a message to see how easy it is to get started.

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