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Serenity Home Health has been providing occupational therapy services to the community of Wichita, KS and the surrounding area for more than 15 years. We strive to help all individuals participate in their daily activities and retain independence as much as possible. When searching for occupational therapy services, you’ll be sure to find glowing recommendations for our outstanding quality of care.

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How Do Home OT Services Help Individuals?

The primary purpose of occupational therapy is to help individuals with issues performing activities of daily living maintain their independence and mobility. Through assisting with daily activities, we help those who are adapting to cognitive or physical changes or recovering from an injury to retain independence in their daily lives.

What Will Home Health Occupational Therapy Involve?

Our occupational therapists will work with the patient and their loved ones to create a personalized care plan that:


  • Helps to keep the individual engaged in daily activities they enjoy
  • Assists the patient in carrying out essential daily tasks
  • Outlines and facilitates daily physical or cognitive activities to improve health
  • Covers their social, emotional, physical and environmental needs
  • Assists in the strengthening of fine motor skills and reasoning ability
  • Involves an in-house evaluation to assess home safety for the patient
  • Advises on adaptive equipment to help the patient maintain independence
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Occupational therapy at home allows us to work with patients and their families to provide empowerment through knowledge and education.

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Why Is Home Health Occupational Therapy So Important?

At Serenity Home Health, we are dedicated to helping patients to retain their independence within their home environment for as long as it is safely possible. Occupational therapy practitioners work closely with the patient and their family and build an accurate plan of how to best help the patient.

Other benefits of home OT services include:

Personalized and accurate assistance
Home health occupational therapy ensures that the therapist can provide a personalized and precise plan. Building a thorough plan of how to help the individual can aid recovery and boost independence.
Better equipment recommendations
An occupational therapist that works with a patient at home can make equipment recommendations that are tailored to the patient’s needs both inside and outside the home environment. Working with individuals closely often helps create a better understanding of what can help them achieve independence.
Comfort and confidence
Assisting patients in their home leaves them feeling safer, more comfortable and better equipped to ambulate and make decisions in a familiar environment. We place this at the very core of our occupational therapy services.
Companionship and support
Adapting to cognitive changes can be extremely disconcerting for patients. We aim to provide the highest level of comfort and support when working with our clients and their families.
Greater involvement from family and friends
Having home health occupational therapy means that we can involve the patient’s support network in their daily treatment and recovery.
Education and knowledge
We give patients, families, and friends the knowledge and training they need to maintain independence for the patient in their home.

Why Is Education So Important Alongside Home OT Services?

We place education at the heart of our work and inform our patients of the best cognitive and physical daily activities to help them retain independence. Being aware of the best equipment and daily exercises will help patients recover faster and assist those with cognitive or physical changes to maintain their independence longer.

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We firmly believe that our commitment to sharing knowledge with our patients and their support network is a major reason why we have been locally and nationally recognized for excellence in home health care.

How Can Serenity Home Health Help?

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our patients and their caregivers. That’s why we go the extra mile in becoming part of the support network and your partner in home health occupational therapy. We place patient safety at the forefront and provide referrals if home help is no longer the best option for our patients.

If you need advice on whether occupational therapy at home is the best option for you or your loved one, contact us today for a consultation. Call us at (316) 866-2929 or send us a message on our contact page. You can stop your search for occupational therapy services and consider us your partner in OT care.

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