Diabetic Management & Education

A staggering 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 65 have diabetes. Controlling diabetes significantly reduces the risk of complications related to the disease, as well as complications related to other co-morbidities. Living with and controlling diabetes can be very challenging.

blood sugar - Diabetic Management & Education - Serenity Home Health
  • Monitoring blood sugar and insulin levels while establishing a healthy lifestyle is often daunting; this may require additional oversight.
  • It is important to monitor and manage diabetes. Left untreated, complications may ensue.
  • Serenity Home Health provides education and assistance with diabetic management – we are here to help you.

Serenity Home Health Diabetic
Management Program

We educate, treat, and monitor patients with Type I and Type II diabetes. Our Diabetic Management and Education program collaborates with staff, patient, patient’s family, and the patient’s physician. The goal is to provide the most effective treatment plan that will enhance patient well-being and improve quality of life.

meal planning - Diabetic Management & Education - Serenity Home Health
diabetes management - Diabetic Management & Education - Serenity Home Health
Home Infusion (IV) Services

Just a few of our many diabetes management services include:

  • Blood Sugar Education and Instruction regarding the monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • Dietary counseling and meal planning
  • Treatment of feet and skin complications
  • Circulatory functions
  • Medication management
  • Exercise planning and scheduling
  • Diabetes education to patient and family members

Serenity Home Health has an experienced team that guides diabetic patients to a healthier and safer lifestyle.

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