Chronic Disease Management & Education

Serenity Home Health is dedicated to helping you manage your long-term health issues. Our chronic disease management and education services provide a wealth of knowledge and a skilled care team that works with you to dramatically improve your quality of life.


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Effective Chronic Disease Management Services

Managing a chronic disease can be difficult. Serenity Home Health works with you to understand your symptoms, needs, and concerns so that your chronic disease is effectively handled.

Our team of professionals will work with you to determine the best possible plan for your unique needs.

Educating You – and Your Family – On Your Disease

Serenity Home Health is your partner in healthcare disease management. We will help you understand the status of your disease and what is needed for the best outcomes. Our team educates you on the disease, its process, and what you can do to effectively manage it.

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Chronic Disease Management for Patients

Serenity Home Health listens to what is needed and creates an individualized care plan for each patient.  Whether it is adapting to a chronic illness or recovering from surgery, we can help you live your best life. Our home health team coordinates your care so you can get back to doing the things that you love – independent and at your best!

Our comprehensive therapies include physical therapy for strength and mobility, occupational therapy for activities of daily living and speech therapy designed to help with swallowing, breathing, speech and lung functionality.  In addition to in-home skilled nursing, our specialized services include diabetic management, dietary support, advanced wound care, medical social services and numerous other programs for heart, chronic disease, lymphedema and in-home safety.  All of these services are designed to improve the quality of life for our patients and reduce unnecessary office visits and rehospitalizations.

A diagnosis of a chronic illness can be upsetting to the patient and family.  Serenity Home Health understands that in addition to physical pain and new symptoms, depression, anxiety, and stress can affect day-to-day health.  Working hand-in-hand with your physician, we educate and support you in your chronic disease, educating you about your condition and medication so that you can navigate the symptoms that accompany the illness.

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If you have questions about our chronic disease management and education services, please contact Serenity Home Health. Whether the objective is to recover from an injury or surgery – or find ways to adapt to a chronic illness, Serenity Home Health is here for you!

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