Chronic Disease Management & Education

Depression, anxiety and stress are some of the most common complications of chronic diseases. However, proper management and education help to reduce the fear and anxiety following a new diagnosis.

Through patient-centered counseling and education, patients learn about their condition and how to manage their medications. Education also helps them to consider important lifestyle factors such as diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Serenity Home Health Chronic Disease Management Program

Our disease management program supports and educates patients so they can live independently at home. Serenity Home Health works hand-in-hand with the patient’s physician to provide the most comprehensive care for the patient.

Chronic disease management and education allows patients to grow in their understanding of their health condition, learn how to manage medications, and consider the importance of diet, nutrition and exercise. In some cases, our innovative technology allows our nurses to remotely monitor and record patient’s vital functions, further promoting independent living.

Other benefits of a chronic disease management service can include:
  • Early detection of serious problems, leading to fewer hospital admissions and ER visits
  • Self-management of disease for greater independence
  • Reduced symptoms and conditions
  • Improved quality of life

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