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Serenity Home Health offers a wide range of in-home care services to help patients in Greater Wichita and across South Central Kansas. We offer in-home nursing care, physical therapy, medication management, medical counseling, chronic disease management, and more.

While the specific goals of in-home treatment are as individual as the patient, the overall objective is to always improve the patient’s quality of life. For many patients, improvement means regaining the ability to perform activities that are important to them. We work with patients, their caregivers and families to encourage and foster independent daily living.

Our home health care services give patients the safety, convenience and comfort of healing from home. Families and caregivers can be involved in the rehabilitation process. All of our services include the latest equipment and techniques to attain the most complete recovery in the least amount of time.

Whether the goal is to recover from an injury, rehabilitate following surgery, or to find ways to adapt to a new diagnosis, Serenity Home Health can help.

In-Home Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care gives patients the opportunity to recover from home following a hospitalization, injury or surgery. Our nurses also help patients adapt to a new diagnosis or change in health condition. Skilled nursing services include assessments/monitoring, post-surgical care, infusion therapy, lab draws, wound care, pain management, and medication management.

In-Home Physical Therapy

Serenity Home Health offers a range of services to help patients recover, sustain, or improve strength and mobility. Our services are provided in the comfort of home to speed recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery. The goal of our in-home physical therapy service is to promote independence and improve your quality of life. Contact Serenity Home Health today.

In-Home Occupational Therapy

Return to your independent daily life through occupational therapy services from Serenity Home Health. Empower yourself and your family through knowledge and education from the experts.

In-Home Speech Therapy

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or an injury, in-home speech therapy from Serenity Home Health can help with swallowing, breathing, speech, and lung functionality.

Advanced & Complex Wound Care

Serenity Home Health’s medical staff is equipped to manage most types of wounds from the comfort of home.

Diabetic Management & Education

Our nurses create an individualized care plan that is tailored to the patient’s specific needs for optimal outcomes. By collaborating with the patient and their family, an effective treatment plan is created and followed.

Chronic Disease Management & Education

Through integrated personal care, our professional health care team’s goal is to reduce the effects of diseases and improve the quality of life.

Dietary & Nutrition Services

Let our specialists at Serenity Home Health help you integrate healthy options into your life. We will work hand-in-hand with you and your doctor to educate and recommend dietary changes suited to the patient’s needs and preferences.

Medication Management & Education

Serenity Home Health nurses know how important medication management is, to a patient’s well-being. The Home Health team collaborates with the patient’s physician and pharmacist to ensure that the patient receives the correct dosage of medication at the correct time, every day.

Medical Social Services & Counseling

Stress from an injury or illness should not consume a patient or caregiver. Our medical social workers and counselors assist with community resources and help to navigate paperwork, phone calls and other necessary communications.

Patient & Family Education

Our knowledgeable team works closely with each patient and his/her family to educate, as they provide the best possible care; recognizing that each patient and family learns differently and has their own unique needs.

In-Home Safety Evaluations

To assure that patients remain safely in their homes, our team assesses potential hazards in and around the home. Potential hazards include anything that may cause personal injury, lead to fire or flood, or jeopardize patient safety. A safety audit is an excellent tool that assures the patient and family are safe and secure in their home.

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