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When your loved one is unwell and requires regular skilled nursing care, but you don’t want them to feel isolated or separated from their family, a health-care provider can give you the solution you’re looking for.

A home health-care agency, like Serenity Home Health, can provide your loved one with the assistance and treatment that they need to live comfortably.

A great home health-care provider offers a variety of services to help patients improve strength and mobility and manage chronic illnesses or injuries, all without having to leave the comfort and safety of their own home.

However, some home health care providers are certainly better than others. Make sure that you ask the following questions so that you can ensure that you are getting your loved one the proper, certified care that they need.

Is the Agency Medicare-Certified?


Medicare is available for:

If you or your loved one qualify for assistance from Medicare, they will help cover important costs, such as hospital stays, hospice care, and prescription drugs.

When selecting a home health care agency, it is crucial that they are Medicare-certified, otherwise their services will not be covered by Medicare. Luckily for you, Serenity Home Health, is one of the most qualified home health-care providers in the nation.

Since the inception of Medicare’s rankings, Serenity Home Health was one of only thirty home health agencies in the nation to receive a double 5-star rating (for Patient Quality and Patient Satisfaction) out of more than 12,200 in the United States. No other Kansas home health agency has achieved this double 5-star rating.

Home health care can be costly, but if you are qualified to receive Medicare, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for you or your family. If you or your loved one do not qualify for Medicare, you can rest assured knowing that Serenity Home Health accepts most private insurance.

What Types of Services Does the Agency Provide?

Every patient is unique, and different people require different forms thus, they need an individualized care plan, treatment, and assistance. Make sure that whatever home health-care provider you are looking into provides the right type of care for what you or your loved one needs.

A good home health-care agency will offer a variety of services that encompass a wide range of needs.

Serenity offers the services that will help patients and their families attain and maintain the highest level of independent functioning possible, allowing them to remain at home for as long as safely possible. Here is a closer look at the services we provide:

Serenity Home Health Skilled Nursing Care

Our skilled nursing care allows patients to recover from an illness or injury, so they can get back to doing the things they love. Our nurses evaluate the patient’s condition and work with their physician to develop a goal-driven treatment plan.

Our nurses provide services including home safety evaluations, disease management, post-surgical management, wound care, pain management, infusion therapy, medication management and more.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists therapeutically assist patients with their everyday activities, helping them to strengthen, develop, maintain and improve their quality of life. patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. They help patients develop, recover, improve and maintain the skills needed for daily living.

Speech Therapy

Many different illnesses and injuries (dementia, strokes, brain injuries, etc.) can lead to a loss or impediment of speech and oral functionality. Our speech therapy is designed to help people with swallowing, breathing, and speech difficulties.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists work with patients to help prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs. Their services develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability.

This improves day-to-day quality of life and reduces falls in the home. Physical therapists also help restore functional ability following an injury, illness or any other circumstance in which movement and function are hindered.

Chronic Disease Management

We believe that a chronic disease diagnosis should not end your independence. We work with your physician to create a patient-centered care plan to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your disease effectively. Our interdisciplinary team works together to form an individualized plan to improve quality of life.

Advanced Wound Care

Our nurse case managers utilize effective care treatments and advanced technologies to ensure proper healing of most types of wounds including burns, ulcers, and traumatic injuries.

How Does the Agency Decide Which Services Are Best for Their Patients?


A qualified home health-care provider is able to assess the patient needs prior to creating the plan of care. Doing so, allows the nurse to work directly with the patient and family to achieve the needed goals.

Serenity Home Health understands what it means to have medical concerns. Our team of medical professionals is comprised of supportive, caring and compassionate individuals who take the needs of the whole person seriously, providing one-on-one individualized care in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home.

Kind and compassionate medical professionals make the difference. A qualified medical professional who is invested in your loved one’s best interests should be working with a physician to create a treatment plan while including you and your family every step of the way.

An extraordinary agency also recognizes when the patient’s needs are beyond the scope of home health care and will recommend other forms of care if they will be more helpful.

Can the Agency Prove Their Quality of Care?

Make sure that the home health-care agency that you choose will provide the top-natch care and service that is best for your family.

Do a deep search into the agency by looking at the website, testimonials and comments. It is important to find a home health agency that has good community standing.

Another way to uncover excellence is to inquire about awards and special distinctions. Serenity Home Health was one of only thirty home health agencies in the nation to receive a double 5-star rating (for Patient Quality and Patient Satisfaction) out of more than 12,200 in the United States. No other Kansas home health agency has achieved this double 5-star rating.

These are important things to look for when deciding which agency to partner with. Serenity Home Health is dedicated to quality in both patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, so that each patient and family receive the care they so richly deserve.

When making an informed decision about the care of a loved one, only the best is acceptable. Serenity Home Health is the finest home health provider in the state of Kansas. Kansas proud, this agency has a deep dedication to Kansas communities and has earned a reputation for excellent and genuine care.

Medicare-certified and trusted to provide quality treatment and service-centered professional support, Serenity Home Health is the best choice. Choose Serenity Home Health today to provide for the premium care that is needed.

Thank You

"After completing my home health therapy, I had my first therapy session away from my home, at Via Christi/Genesis. My therapist there said that my Serenity therapists did an outstanding job. Your nurses were wonderful! I will recommend Serenity Home Health to everyone."

- Theresa L. Cromwell, Wichita

You Are All The Greatest

"We are so pleased with Serenity’s services. The workers were so concerned about the patient. That was their main goal….to help me. Thank you all and God Bless everyone. I tell everyone about Serenity and that if they ever need you, call Serenity. You all are the greatest!"

- Ron Franks, Wichita

They Were Great

"I only saw Pam, Tammy and Carol once or twice, but they were great! Dagmar and Iva were with me the most and were both just wonderful! (Dagmar is a kitty-lover just like me and Iva is a living doll—If I could I would adopt her! My only complaint? I miss all of them!"

- Sandra K. Tauber, Wichita

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